I have arrived on the island of Mad…agascar

I’m surrounded by plants that I don’t recognize…at all.  For a biologist geek like me, this is strange.  Not quite East Africa..not quite Indonesia.  There is a bouquet with millions of tiny bright pink orchids beside me.  The keyboard is French.  Strange.  Arrived late last night, and only got out of bed because I needed food.  I’m always hungry and I love food…you will learn this as you read this blog.  Coffee? I have been weaning myself from this crutch…lots of tea, many many cups of tea.  The rock you ask dear Kiwi?  That is on a dirt road in Thailand…the rock is for the wild dogs.  I believe you can go anywhere, explore any alley, go down any road, as long as you have a big rock in hand 😉

I’ve been asked by many people if Math is an essential when becoming a biologist.  I’ve also been told by soooooo many people that they always wanted to be a marine biologist but that they “were no good at Math”.  I don’t know, but right now I’d say…It is much more important that you can handle jetlag.  Honestly, the most important thing in reaching your goals is your determination (English bulldog determination, Bengal tiger strength).  Determination and passion will take you farther than you can possibly imagine.  Yes, work hard in school.  Take courses that you enjoy, but also take courses that challenge you.  Volunteer for field researcher projects.  Travel.

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6 Responses to I have arrived on the island of Mad…agascar

  1. Phil Weir says:

    Great Blog! – Fascinating. – looking forward to following.

  2. Margaret Wilson says:

    So great to be able to follow what you are doing…such amazing stuff. Looking forward to each entry, and of course, photographs!!

  3. Shannon says:

    I’m no good at math either…and I just got my Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Awsome advice Jody! I completely agree! Work hard and challenge yourself…but don’t forget to play hard! Have fun! Do what you love even if you have to work for it! I did! (and if I can do it anyone can!) And of course, travel somewhere you’ve never been whenever possible.
    Can’t wait to read more!

  4. The Kiwi says:

    You’re a rock.

  5. Olivia says:

    Shannon sent me the link to your blog. How do you get internet access way in the jungles of Madagascar?? 🙂

  6. Miss Robinhood with hat says:

    Finally remembered to check this for an update!
    Love love love the bonus blogs that I hadn’t seen yet.
    Hope the lemurs are being lovely to you!
    Looking forward to all your stories, pictures etc..

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