June 7, 2010….Jody takes a cultural spanking

OMFG.  I madly need to decompress.  Today was more than culture shock, more like hours of a cultural spanking.  During most of the day I thought I was going to pass out from it all.  Pass out or throw up.  The park coordinator, José, took me from my hotel downtown Tana (capital of Madagascar…the concrete jungle) and brought me to the ummmmmm ‘market’.  Thousands of colours, dozens of smells and mad overload of sounds.  Hundreds of people, crowds, faces, I am so white.  An absolute A.D.D overload.  Craziest market I have ever experienced.  No pics because that would likely have left me camera-less.  Just trust me. Crazy.  Many…MANY barefooted children, aged about 2-8 years, following me and begging.  Faces I will remember forever.  Every time I close my eyes.  We got food.  We got lanterns, buckets, cutlery, pots, pans, a kettle……I inhaled innumerable black clouds of exhaust.  Tomorrow, its goodbye mad crazy city and hello jungle….must sleep.

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