June 15th….big breakfast

Feeling a bit better today.  Thinking it’s maybe the altitude? Our camp is over 1000m above sea level.  Maybe just the intense cold and humidity.  I slept well, and a lot, last night.  Stayed warm in bed until around 6am and then pulled out all the stops for breakfast.  On top of my usual two eggs and tea, I had oatmeal with almonds (from Thriftys!!!!) AND a mini banana. It felt good to eat, just need to rest a lot today I think.  Its pouring.  Hard and cold.  Ndrinasolo is off getting us rice…15 kg.  That is apparenly what we need for a week.  I gave him 20,000 Ariary….about 10$.  No wonder rice is the staple, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eat rice or die.  I’m craving vegetables.  And long lazy DRY mornings on my couch with my cat and many many cups of tea.  Its weird being trapped at this campsite.  Like I’m on Achiever (research boat) in terrible weather.  Windows dripping with condensation…went a bit crazy then too.  But then I could talk, go for a swim off the back of the boat in the icy cold Pacific.  Shake away the fog -for a little bit.  Man….hotsprings would be great right about now.

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