What a difference the sun makes :)

It is June 16th, 2010.  What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday it poured just about all night and day.  Today we got up around 6am…..no rain yet!!!  It’s just past 1pm. Sunny warm skies today so far 🙂  Set out to find Indri group 1 and ended up tracking a group of absolutely shimmering beautiful Simponas!!!  It was really hard, steep, treacherous but they were glowing reddish brown and their white grey fur sparkled in the sunlight like ice.  I even found, through strained eyes and binoculars, a tiny helpless baby! Clinging to its mother’s tummy fur. Jerky movements, at times poking it’s head out to look around.  Mom looked down on it often, on her tummy, and then in one magical moment the little white puffball crawled around to Mom’s shoulder, then back, for less than a minute it held on to the fur on her shoulder, wobbling and teeetering…fur blowing in the wind.  Then it came back to her front and they nuzzled nose to nose, then mom licked the baby’s face, cleaned it a bit, and then it went back down to her tummy to nurse for a bit.  Then Mom lept off to other trees and we left them for the day.  Such a precious, glowing, sparkling moment 🙂 I named the Mom ‘Ice’ for her sparkles, and the baby ‘Snow’, all white innocence.  Drinking my tea and then heading for a douche.

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