Dehydrated anyone?

In my sleeping bag BEFORE 7pm tonight.  Wow.  I am sleeping pretty hard here….Tired tonight, a good, sore, tired.  Had a moment during focal follow today when I felt Yuck…but I was so happy doing what I was doing in that very moment, that the bad feeling went away.  I wonder if a lot of it is dehydration?  I do sweat a lot when thrashing through the bush.  This afternoon, after my tea I had a douche and then washed a bunch of my clothes in the stream.  Wondering if they will ever dry?!  Then I learned some Malagasy words from the crew.  That was fun.  It is just crazy how many primates there are here.  Now that I have seen a baby Simpona…along the age I thought babies would be this time of year….I’m all confused again.  Maybe Indri ARE born around May as well….maybe it is just that no one was looking for them them before November when they first saw them?  Will be doing a lot of reading when I get home….so many mysteries!!

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