Feeling wet…wet…wet.

Sitting up high in Indri group I territory.  Still haven’t seen this group…Jean De Dieu is off crashing around and I am left to sit and wait.  Incredible how the air can be so damp and humid and yet feel so dry?  Altitude maybe?  I’m always thirsty.  But that could also be the Malaria meds….There really is no appropriate clothing for this kind of place, Madagascar, the land at the end of the earth, the edge of the world.  Always feel wet.  Wet and hot from sweat, sun and bushwacking, or wet and cold, hypothermic like cold, in the bush in a steep valley, soaking wet and shaking.  Putting on wet clothes in the morning feels yuck.  Like putting on a wet wetsuit…or gearing up in cold wet raingear.  Cotton is terrible, holds wet and cold like a wet rag.  Wool is warm even if it is wet.  Wool is best.  Synthetics stink.

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