June 18th…lots of lemurs!!!!! and lemur poo :)

Lots of lemurs on the search this morning!  Early on, Jean De Dieu spotted feces on the trail and we looked up to see a group of red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur rubriventer)!!!A group of 4 little red-bellies looking down at us 8)  There were 2 females, 1 male and 1 juvenile, about 1/2 the size of the others, scampering around, feeding on berries, while the others just sort of sat and stared at us.  Got some good pics of the adult female but it was pouring rain when I finally spotted the male, with his pretty white mask, so no pics of him.  When it started raining the female and the juvy put themselves into huddled little balls on the same branch about 1 foot apart.  Then the juvy tried to inch a little closer to the female, closer and closer he inched, then when he got right next to her she up and jumped away!!  Weaning??  Poor little guy looked cold!

Later, I was getting good video of a red bellied lemur right above me when the Indri started wailing quite close by!!  Turn up your sound, and look out for her cool defense mechanism 😉

Later…..found an unhabituated group of Indri.  They made a lot of noise.  They were not happy to see us….With one individual I thought I saw a tiny little black head.  But it could have been a foot.  I never did get a decent look.  Have a listen to some different Indri noises….

And these are ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata) sounds…..you can see one in the video quite far away.  Turn up your volume and listen carefully…that sound…the very funny one that sounds like someone is laughing or being squeezed…or being squeezed while laughing…that’s the ruffed lemurs!!

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