Little alien eyes in the night 8)

In bed past 9pm tonight, phew, late night.  Only because we did a night survey 😉  Jean De Dieu and I hiked up to an amazing lookout around 4pm and watched the shadow and sunlight dance with the hills, the valleys, sky and glowing light pouring over the enchanted forest…..and then the little aliens come out.  Move over Avatar, these things are for real!  On our walk back down the mountain, in the dark, we could see nothing but within the beams of our flashlights.  First a few small birds, a gorgeous frog in a Voyageur tree…then lots of bats.  One just about flew into my face.  I felf the wind from it’s wings on my cheeks!  Then my light caught two madly darting wee round bright orange eyes 8)  Like a mouse…Microcebus!!  Then a bit later I spotted 2 much bigger eyes….Lepilemur!!  Very cool to see some of the nocturnal lemur species inhabiting this jungle 8)

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