Motheeeerrrrrs in a dangerous time….

Woke up in the dark to pouring rain….AGAIN.  Thought to myself, AGAIN, what a terrible time of year to have a baby!  A tiny helpless, completely dependent baby!  But that’s what they do.  The Indri and the Simponas give birth during this very wet, and very cold time of the year.  And their babies are tiny!!  Once again, the Bruce Cockburn song ‘Lovers (but in my mind it’s ‘Mothers’)…in a dangerous time’….runs through my head.  It is cold out there, and it’s dark, and it’s pouring.  I have no dry clothes.  I will need to put on WET long johns, rainpants, jacket, hat, socks (the WORST is putting on wet socks in the cold dark, wet morning) and boots.  They (my rubber boots) are also wet inside now that I dropped them in the creek while undressing for my douche…..Anyways, my insatiable desire to know, to understand why, to fully illuminate the strategy of mother lemurs who give birth in this most miserable and dangerous time of the year, gets me up and out of my warm sleeping bag – and into my cold, wet and very smelly socks…..

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One Response to Motheeeerrrrrs in a dangerous time….

  1. Nicola says:

    Jody! I found you through Heidi and Stephen’s Narama blog! Remember me from Raincoast?! WOW – girl, this is so much better than a condo in Sidney! Shelby and I are just packing up to leave Australia and head to the UK. I will definitely keep an eye on your blog – thanks for sharing!

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