A bit on Leadership…grrrrr…..

I am a West Coast girl after all.  And a water baby.  Perhaps part fish.  I love a swim, a bath, a good hard rain.  BUT, my love of water has it’s limits.  Rain, grey and cold are kind of the bread and butter (rice and beans?) of research in the rainforest.  Or, on the North Pacific Ocean.  You just have to deal.  Try and stay warm and dry, or more likely not too cold, not too wet…you are not likely to be totally warm and dry working in either of these environments.  Sometimes you don’t ever want to get out of your sleeping bag.  But as the expedition leader –you just have to.  You have to get up and communicate the plan to the troops.  Even if it is just to say: You can go back to bed.  As a leader, you are looked to for leadership.  This sounds ridiculously obvious, but really, you are looked to for instructions, explanations, and positivity, always. 24-7.  You can never stay in bed.  Even when you are labeled ‘not a morning person’ and you stumble out of sleep looking for your breakfast, your tea, your mind…there are faces looking to you for leadership.

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One Response to A bit on Leadership…grrrrr…..

  1. Jillweir says:

    Leadership is one of your best skills even if mornings aren’t your best time!

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