The Kiwi and the Fish take flight !!

Oh MY goodness!!!!! It’s really happening.  The floor is covered in gear.  Neat little piles of chaos 🙂  Tomorrow we fly to Italy for our honeymoon!!! It is VERY strange to be bringing all this geeky science equipment and camping gear to do the B&B tour of Italy…but THAT stuff is essential for lemur research in Madagascar (we will be tracking baby lemurs….for my PhD…).  The next step, after a wee twirl through the olive groves.  We are very lucky to have a pro-deal with Icebreaker (merino wool layers that keep you warm, comfortable AND stink-free.  Essential for camping in the jungle for months…and months.  Follow us on this blog for our first of many wild and wacky adventures together.  We are both going to post…so you’ll get to join through the lens of both a Kiwi AND a Fish 😉

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4 Responses to The Kiwi and the Fish take flight !!

  1. Heidi Pearson says:

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything!!

  2. Margaret Wilson says:

    Bon voyage! Enjoy every minute… keep safe and healthy. We look forward to following you via your blog.
    Love and hugs,
    Margaret and Reid xoxo

  3. Miss Robinhood with hat says:

    Happy trails! I hope to not see too many posts when you’re in Italy, though, as you are on your honeymoon!

  4. So glad Icebreaker is able to help on your upcoming adventures. Best of luck!

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