A Fish and a Kiwi in Italy :)

What an absolutely fantastical few weeks it has been, much love and hugs from Italy!!!

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3 Responses to A Fish and a Kiwi in Italy :)

  1. Margaret Wilson says:

    Such fun to watch you speak Jody. You must be part Italian :o) So animated. Lovely to watch. We have been to Italy on a cruise so have had a brief taste of some of what you have experienced… Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast…
    Now the real adventure begins. Looking forward to hearing more… and seeing some pictures. Be safe. Hugs to you and Alastair. xoxox
    Margaret and Reid

  2. Jenn (Cooper) Daley says:

    You and your adventures (work and research as well) are amazing! Thanks for recording it and letting the rest of us take part!

  3. mara says:

    Dear Jody,thank you so much for your kind words about your stay in our B&B Olmo.It was a privilege to be able to meet you and Alastair.I wish you both to enjoy your time in wonderful Madagascar,and ,in case you have enough of lemures and beans you know there is your home in Tuscany waiting for you!
    A big hug

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