Diademed Sifaka Babies…..Month Two


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3 Responses to Diademed Sifaka Babies…..Month Two

  1. Stephanie Calce says:

    Jody and Alastair!! You guys are looking great, I am so glad Tara shared this link with me. Your research subjects are super interesting; this will be the one of the best adventures of your lives 🙂 Alastair – you sound like a PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGIST !!

    We are missing you in Canada and look forward to your next post.
    xoxox Stay Warm (and dry)
    – Stephanie & Mike (scalce@uvic.ca; 224fm@goodlifefitness.com)

  2. Tara Clarke says:

    Hi Guys!!
    Amazing footage of the baby and mom sifaka! Brings back wonderful memories of Ranomafana and the sifaka I studied! You guys are totally rocking out and the work you are doing is so important! Good luck, continued success! Stay safe, stay happy and stay dry!! Miss you both
    xoxoxoxox Tara

  3. Margaret Wilson says:

    Hi Jody and Alastair,
    It’s wonderful to watch you and “visit” with you via computer :o) This amazing video of mom and baby is no doubt worth all your discomforts. Your videos help us to understand what you are experiencing… the good and the not-so-good. Love you!
    Marg and Reid

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